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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Then the Phone Rang

On Thursday the 21st January I got two telephone calls – the first was from my GP – Dr. “RB” who – incidentally – I find most excellent -- with my test results which have been covered in a previous post, but also requesting that I see him every one or two weeks – I did (do?) feel that every week was a bit short so I have booked a series of fortnightly appointments! HURRAH! He asked me if there was anything else he could help me with and I suggested that there were two things – firstly the lottery numbers for Saturday and secondly the appalling day-time Television – unfortunately he was unable to help – BOO!

The second phone call was from “G” – the Macmillan palliative care specialist nurse – I’m not sure if that is her correct title though! Anyway we talked for about an hour about various things. But I suspect that the really important thing was that she has put me forward for a “Breathing” or "Breathlessness" Clinic for which I shall be assessed tomorrow – I pointed out that I didn’t get breathless, it was the coughing that was a problem “G” then pointed out – correctly after I had given it a bit of thought – that the coughing certainly got worse when I spoke! So assessment tomorrow!

“G” and I also spoke about two other things – my feeling that I had dropped off the face of the earth when my chemotherapy finished – which is apparently very common in Cancer patents. And to a great extent that is being addressed now by Dr “RB” asking to see me frequently – every one or two weeks, the possibility of a Breathing clinic and also this blog! “G” and I also spoke about the “Elephant in the room” – “D” – at length but there is little that she can do there except to be aware of how I feel and I think that I am happy with that situation.

I think that I like “G” – she is certainly very “no-nonsense” but that is not a bad thing when dealing with the grumpy, demanding and irascible, and she seems to have my best interests at heart.


Louise said...

Your comment about feeling that you had dropped off the face of the earth after chemotherapy reminded me of a recent post by Brenda. I realise her situation is very different from yours, but she has also experienced confusion and depression since she was booted off the hospital diary and told to get on with it. I'm glad you are starting to feel more comfortable with the care you are receiving.

Lovely's Blot said...

I find I always get on better in the end with the rather direct and no-nonscence people in the end. They are often more difficult to get to know but in the end easier. Hope the clinic is helpful.

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