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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Seeing Doctor “K”

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr “K” at Pricilla Bacon Lodge and Gavin came along. It is so nice to see someone who has time and we covered and discussed all sorts of things.

Anyway the upshot is that we agreed that the “Oxynorm” or as it’s also known - Hill Billy Heroin - is working really well – I don’t cough anywhere near much as I did, although the side effects are a little alarming – the first – the feeling of being of being fuzzy round the edges should be taken care of by moving me to a different, long lasting version of Oxynorm – this is a pill as well so easier to take – I’m told that I can still use the liquid Oxynorm if I want to and for some special reason – going to a film for instance – that’s to stop me coughing not to make me feel fuzzy.

The other side effect – and to be blunt – constipation - is alarming but I am now on Movicol and wonder of wonders it seems to be working – The drug that I was on – besides tasting horrible (Movicol is not great in the taste stakes either) was Lactulose and the only effect was huge and constant farting – not good in public places.

We also covered many other issues and it was nice to hear Gavin expressing what he felt – the Macmillan Nurse issue also seems to be covered and we’ll be getting a visit from a new Macmillan nurse in the near future who will be in charge of our co-ordination.

I am still feeling intensely relived and also very happy that everything now seems to be working out all right and that at last we are getting the attention and treatment we should have been getting in the first place.