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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Turning to the Pink Side

I was called into hospital to try to sort out the gall stones that were turning me a strong and strange custard colour on Monday 21st June for a day surgery “Procedure” – little did I know that said “procedure” involved pushing a Swiss army knife – with all the tools – down my throat. But I’m getting ahead of myself first off there was a “bloods” session and the outcome of that was that my blood was not clotting well – my INR was 1.7 - and outside the parameters for carrying out the “procedure” so I was given an injection of vitamin “K” and moved to the last in line for the “procedure”.......... The vitamin K had little or no effect on my INR and so towards the late afternoon the “Procedure” was carried out and most unpleasant it was too! But they didn’t find any gall stones – most odd ‘cos they had previously shown up on MRI scans and Ultra Sound scans but they did find a duct which was restricted in size and that had a stent put in it. I was then moved to the ward where I spent the night and was discharged on the afternoon of the next day.

Talking to the consultant, because of the missing gallstones and because of the INR being 1.7 the “procedure “ as planned was not carried out – I am now due to have an MRI scan in the next 2 or 3 weeks and a decision will be made then as to what to do next.

When I first turned yellow everyone jumped to the conclusion that it was related to the cancer – had it been that the outcome would have been a lot sadder than it is....... Now I am turning pink again and I feel well always fatigued though but I guess that I just have to live with that.