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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Not Breathless - Just Coughing!

Yesterday I had an appointment at Priscilla Bacon Lodge with a Dr “K” whose speciality is palliative care, for what I thought was an assessment for a breathlessness clinic. Within a few minutes – a walk along a corridor – she knew that I didn’t have a problem with breathlessness but that I did have a problem with coughing – so much junk in my lungs that they, the lungs, are trying to get rid of it in the only way they know how – hence the coughing! And she assures me that one way or another they can get the coughing under control. I do hope so as this will change my quality of life in a big way – I’ll be able to go to the cinema and theatre – HURRAH! For now I will continue with almost the same treatment that my GP – Dr “RB” prescribed except I am now on “Oxynorm” rather than “Oramorph”.

I also mentioned how tired I was all the time and how much sleeping I do - now it’s possible that this is due to calcium deficiency Dr “K” said. And I haven’t been tested for that. Calcium deficiency would also explain the dry mouth. So more bloods to be done but I am really hoping that it turns out that I am calcium deficient as this is very treatable and would make a big difference to my life.

I was very nervous about going to Pricilla Bacon Lodge but I am very glad that I went and very pleased to have met Dr “K” – at last I am receiving proper care for my conditions – as Dr “K” says the Cancer is not curable but we can get the symptoms under control. And that brings me onto another matter and something which I am very angry about, but will be the subject of my next post.