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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Last Week X-rays - Tomorrow Lemon Drinks

A week ago I had a chest x-ray and I have now got the results – very much as we expected although the growth rate seems huge – a 25% increase in size in two months - anyway the report said.........

Comparison made with previous examination dated 16 April 2010. The largest deposit is situated in the left chest and this has a maximum diameter of 15 cm. This was previously 12 cm two months ago therefore significant volume increase has occurred.
The other metastatic deposits in the right hemithorax have increased to a similar degree.
Pleural spaces clear. No bone lesions visible

My understanding is that the growths are cannonball shaped with a bit of distortion to fit into places.

I feel better today than I have felt for some time and was pleased when I took Jack all the way round Sewell Park without stopping for a rest – a long time since I have done that! I also had my first cup of coffee for a few weeks – it tasted very odd, I’ll get used to the taste again I suppose but what a strange thing to drink......

Being ill, scarily so for a week, lends itself to introspection and thinking about one’s life. I think that I can truthfully say that after the age of 16 – when I left school which I hated and was bored by – I have had a really good life but, the last 13 years have been the best of all – thank you “G”. Long may it continue as we bicker, laugh and love our ways through the days

Tomorrow a CT thorax, abdomen and pelvis scan, which means a disgusting lemon flavoured drink and being canalized.