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Friday, 22 January 2010

The Results are In!

A week or so ago I had “bloods” and a Chest X-Ray and today I got the results today.

There is no significant change in the “Bloods” from when it was last done – HURRAH! However the X-Ray reports reads like this

PA Examination. Comparison made with previous examination dated 24 September 2009.

There has been a significant increase in the volume of the metastatic deposits situated in both lungs. The largest tumour is in the LEFT lung mid zone with a maximum diameter of 11 cm. Pleural spaces clear. No other features.

Which I guess explains the coughing for those who have spoken to me on the phone recently! The good news is that I don’t cough when lying down so I can sleep OK – but it’s really difficult to explain what you’re doing if you lie down on the floor in Tesco!


Louise said...

I can imagine that you'd find it hard to explain what you're doing lying on the floor of Tesco - one excuse might be "I was so amazed you saved 2.1 billion plastic bags last year, I had to lie down..." Or maybe "Just checking under the freezers for mice" Or perhaps other people have better lines...

Sorry about your results.

Lovely's Blot said...

I found a student lying on her back in the corridoor one day outside someones ofice. I was concerned and asked her if she was okay.. oh yes, she said, I just like lying here! I just stepped over her and went to my office! Never did find out what she wanted!

The Spiv said...

It's possible that a reply along the lines of "I was so staggered by the range and diversity of your special offers, that I had to lie down!" could possibly be taken one of two ways. Either you will be treated as a VIP and given some extra vouchers, or, more likely, asked to leave and never darken their doorstep again!

I'm sorry to hear that your results are not so good, but try to keep positive and keep your spirits up (easy to say - not so easy to do, I know). Remember that we are listening out here in cyber-space and that if you want to rant and rave, we won't judge or critisize what we can't begin to comprehend.

Carolina said...

Hip hip about the blood results, but sorry about the lung-results.

Couldn't you just try out the 'I just like lying here'-line?
I'm curious how they will react ;-O
And the checking for mice excuse would be a good one too, as someone who should know once told me that every supermarket has mice running around 'behind the scenes'.


Poppy said...

You have obviously never seen this

Take a camera and you have your story sorted, extra points if you can get into a freezer cabinet x

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