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Friday, 26 March 2010

Hospitals, Hotels, Chaves, Lifts and Gay Pride

Yesterday Macmillan Nurse “LH” came to call, both to get a chance of seeing us in our own world and to find out how I was getting on. A most successful visit I think, we both like her and she talks a lot of good sense. She suggested that we should plan some short breaks and to me this sounds a really good idea – just not in the next few weeks – wait until after the school Easter Holidays and then look for a midweek break in Norfolk or Suffolk at a nice country hotel that is also dog friendly. And then there is also London Pride on July 3rd – anyone know of a central London Hotel that’s cheap and has a lift – later in the blog as to why I might need a lift.

And so – we are looking for a dog friendly hotel in Norfolk or Suffolk that does midweek breaks – anyone know of one and a cheap central London Hotel with a lift – again can anyone help?

Anyway and so on........ last night I was just going to bed – and I found the stairs a tad difficult and was puffing as I got undressed, when my heart started to behave very strangely and erratically – this got worse and we called NHS direct who – after a list of symptoms – erratic heart, (and fast) pain in chest - sent for an ambulance.

The medics took an ECG and that showed that my heart was indeed behaving badly and I was loaded up and taken to hospital – by this time though I was feeling much better. Arriving at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital the pain in my chest had gone and my heart – by the hospital’s ECG - was behaving normally. By the time that Gavin and Julia had arrived they had followed the ambulance, they said that I was looking better than I had for a couple of days or so – must be all the attention! Anyway after a few hours the decision was reached to send me home – the Doctor checked my “meds” and made us all – Gavin, Julia and I - promise that any re-occurrence and 999 would be dialled!

And so – after a good night’s sleep in our own bed I feel fine! But I am amazed at the behaviour of 20% of the “Great British Public” in Accident and Emergency at the Hospital – these people should be thanking god for the care that the NHS gives them – not being drunken Chaves who my best friend Julia wanted to hit with a shovel – should one have been handy..

I went upstairs just now to speak to Gavin in his den and was surprised how I was panting and puffing when I got to the top and that’s just one floor – that’s why when we do London Pride I am going to need a hotel with a lift – we once stayed on the 7th floor of a hotel in Victoria with no lift – it certainly made you plan when you were going up to your room or down to get something from the shop.