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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Not Breathless - Just Coughing!

Yesterday I had an appointment at Priscilla Bacon Lodge with a Dr “K” whose speciality is palliative care, for what I thought was an assessment for a breathlessness clinic. Within a few minutes – a walk along a corridor – she knew that I didn’t have a problem with breathlessness but that I did have a problem with coughing – so much junk in my lungs that they, the lungs, are trying to get rid of it in the only way they know how – hence the coughing! And she assures me that one way or another they can get the coughing under control. I do hope so as this will change my quality of life in a big way – I’ll be able to go to the cinema and theatre – HURRAH! For now I will continue with almost the same treatment that my GP – Dr “RB” prescribed except I am now on “Oxynorm” rather than “Oramorph”.

I also mentioned how tired I was all the time and how much sleeping I do - now it’s possible that this is due to calcium deficiency Dr “K” said. And I haven’t been tested for that. Calcium deficiency would also explain the dry mouth. So more bloods to be done but I am really hoping that it turns out that I am calcium deficient as this is very treatable and would make a big difference to my life.

I was very nervous about going to Pricilla Bacon Lodge but I am very glad that I went and very pleased to have met Dr “K” – at last I am receiving proper care for my conditions – as Dr “K” says the Cancer is not curable but we can get the symptoms under control. And that brings me onto another matter and something which I am very angry about, but will be the subject of my next post.


Chairman Bill said...

Is Dr K related to the celebrated Mr K who performs his feats on Saturday at Bishopsgate?

JoJo said...

Well thank goodness for Dr K is all I can say!I am rather loking forward to that next post of yours tho.....

Michael Stonard said...

Richard, this is a really good way of keeping up with that's happening with you and how you are feeling. If you don't mind me saying, it's really well written as well and just about the right length. It also strikes me that, if your friends are kept up to date with cnacer things through the blog, you'll spend more time talking to them about non-cancer things (not ignoring it but less emphasis) when you see them, which is more like normality (which I think is what you have said you want). Hope I'm making sense. Intrigued by what's making you angry and waiting for next instalment!

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