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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lunch in Posh Places

I have already blogged about our visit to Dr. “RB” on Thursday morning – but that was only the start of the day. Soon after we got home Cousin “PC” and his wife ”RC” arrived from Canterbury. After coffee and chatter we went with them to the Caistor Hall Hotel just outside of Norwich where they were staying. Usually the food is excellent - although we have been disappointed in the past at Dinner Dances when the tables were pushed much to closely together, but for Gavin and I it's a romantic destination as it is here where held our Civil Partnership on May 18 2007. (By the way Macmillan Nurse "D" was among the guests - see if you can spot him in the photo book that the last link points to)

We had a most delightful lunch - the food was excellent - Gavin and I are both vegetarians and frequently vegetarian food in non-specialist restaurants is horrible - but not in this case - Gavin had "Roasted Celeriac with Wild Mushrooms, Parmesan Crisp and dressed leaves" followed by "Goats Cheese Potato Gnocchi with Basil Oil and toasted Walnuts" which he really enjoyed. I had "Pan Fried Goats Cheese,with a caramelised Pear, walnut and watercress salad" followed by "Wild Mushroom and leek Pithiver, with a shallot,herb and sherry creams sauce, and a dressed salad" and yes I didn't know what a Pithiver was and had to ask - but it turns out to be a sort of pastry disk. My main course was a little rich for me but non the less delicious! For the first time and about an hour before we arrived at the hotel I took some liquid OxyNorm as well as the capsules I had already taken - I had been told that I could do this but I do suspect that my table conversation was perhaps a little fuzzy, inappropriate and non-stop!

Home at about 2;30 and then I spent the rest of the day sleeping - firstly on the couch and latterly, from about 6 pm, in my bed. In fact I really didn't feel well at all from about 4 o'clock onwards - I think that this is a price I shall have to pay any time I go out or do something and it's about tiring myself. A visit to the Doctor AND lunch with my friends, cousins and partner was too much. But we had a great time.

Moving the Goal Posts

I was paid a great compliment the recently by one of my cousins – “JM” - he said that he enjoyed reading the blog because it told him what to expect if he got cancer but – and – here comes the compliment “There is an underlying sense of a life well lived”. Thank you “JM”

Now I plan to move the goal posts of this blog a bit – probably down to the other end of the pitch because if I don’t I shall have nothing to add for another couple of weeks when I again see the Doctor. Let me know what you think – I am, as are all blog writers, excited and pleased by any comments. And the changes? - more about me I'm afraid and what I hear, see and read - I just hope that it all doesn't turn into a chintz and kitten blog.