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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Then the Phone Rang

On Thursday the 21st January I got two telephone calls – the first was from my GP – Dr. “RB” who – incidentally – I find most excellent -- with my test results which have been covered in a previous post, but also requesting that I see him every one or two weeks – I did (do?) feel that every week was a bit short so I have booked a series of fortnightly appointments! HURRAH! He asked me if there was anything else he could help me with and I suggested that there were two things – firstly the lottery numbers for Saturday and secondly the appalling day-time Television – unfortunately he was unable to help – BOO!

The second phone call was from “G” – the Macmillan palliative care specialist nurse – I’m not sure if that is her correct title though! Anyway we talked for about an hour about various things. But I suspect that the really important thing was that she has put me forward for a “Breathing” or "Breathlessness" Clinic for which I shall be assessed tomorrow – I pointed out that I didn’t get breathless, it was the coughing that was a problem “G” then pointed out – correctly after I had given it a bit of thought – that the coughing certainly got worse when I spoke! So assessment tomorrow!

“G” and I also spoke about two other things – my feeling that I had dropped off the face of the earth when my chemotherapy finished – which is apparently very common in Cancer patents. And to a great extent that is being addressed now by Dr “RB” asking to see me frequently – every one or two weeks, the possibility of a Breathing clinic and also this blog! “G” and I also spoke about the “Elephant in the room” – “D” – at length but there is little that she can do there except to be aware of how I feel and I think that I am happy with that situation.

I think that I like “G” – she is certainly very “no-nonsense” but that is not a bad thing when dealing with the grumpy, demanding and irascible, and she seems to have my best interests at heart.