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Monday, 22 February 2010

Now Where Are My Marbles

I blame the “Oxynorm” – it can’t be age as it is a well known truth that there are no gay men over the age of 50 and so I am 49 years old and have been for some 14 years! Any way, recently – since I started the “Oxynorm” – I become convinced that I have done something, and can remember in detail doing it – but then it turns out I haven’t done it at all. Now when it’s cucumbers I believe I have ordered from Tesco for the weekly delivery that’s one thing, but it’s something else when I am convinced that I have ordered flowers for Gavin to be delivered the morning of Saturday the 13th in time for Valentine ’s Day. When they don’t arrive I start checking and I haven’t made the order – even though I clearly remember doing so and even recollect looking at the emailed receipt! Now where did I put my marbles!

Since we went out to lunch with my cousins on Thursday I haven’t been very well, nausea, giddiness, fatigue and not wanting to eat – however, having spent a lot of yesterday in bed I realised that not eating was stupid and would make me sicker – so bearing in mind my promise to Gavin and Dr “RB” that I would eat, at 19:00 hours downstairs I came and had a bowl of muesli and two slices of toast and Marmite. I didn’t feel much better after having it but I did feel .... well I suppose ..... self-satisfied and pleased with myself.