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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Black Eyes, Lemon Skin and Red Urine

I woke up this morning with a black-eye – and I have absolutely no idea how I got it! But with a bit of surfing I think it’s related to the eye test I had last Wednesday at the diabetics clinic – With my glasses on and holding a shield in front of my eyes – at least that’s the only reason I can think of. It’s a real shiner!

I have been trying drinking beetroot juice – someone told me that it boosted energy levels. I don’t know about that but it does make your urine a most alarming colour.

Other stuff is not so good – as my General Practitioner – Dr. RB – put it - we have had a long plateau where nothing much has changed and now we have our first setbacks (and I love that he’s saying we!)........... Anyway

On Monday I saw Dr KS at Pricilla Bacon Lodge – she’s the palliative care specialist and everything was much the same as the last time that I saw her – we adjusted the “meds” a bit but there was nothing new really.

On Wednesday I had an appointment for my annual Diabetics Clinic check up and everything was well there – except that I was feeling really ill and I mean really ill – exhausted, nauseous and just plain ill. About the third sentence that the Doctor said to me was “What treatment are you getting for the Jaundice?” , I said that I didn’t have jaundice and he said that he could see it in my eyes and that my skin was lemon yellow.......

On Thursday I had some bloods done and on Friday I rang my GP Dr. RB – he looked at my bloods and confirmed that I was jaundiced – presumably from the liver metastasis. There were other phone calls and the upshot is that Dr. KS is trying to arrange an emergency liver scan so we can see what is happening – once we know that then we know what the way forward is....

I very nearly asked Gavin to walk Jack this morning – I’m still feeling rough – but I’m very glad that I didn’t – it was a lovely morning - and we saw Peter and his dog Flash – Peter asked if I had been on the sunbed and I had to tell him that my new lemon colouring was due to Jaundice – which I thought was funny – then he noticed my black-eye!


Chairman Bill said...

Be careful with the beetroot juice - it's high in calcium oxylate and can cause stones in gentlemen of a certain age.

Hay says the tests should show whether the source of the jaundice is pre, inter or post-hepatic in origin, and what they do next depends on that.

Chin up and lead with your right.

kieran said...

have you tried acupuncture,?

I'm getting amazing results at the moment, I'm with Stephen Jellis. Really boosted my energy and levels of well being. Seems to release blocked energy for me anyhow! I'm telling everyone to try it out for them.

Carolina said...

talking about leading a colourful life...;-)

I nearly knocked myself in the eye with a broomstick last week (don't ask how I managed to do that). Had me wondering how I could explain the black eye to other people. Before you know it they think there is something really really wrong in your house. Fortunately I missed.

Good luck with the liver tests. Sorry that you (and your doctor) have your first setbacks.


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