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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

“I Don’t Hear You Cough”

“I don’t hear you cough” – That’s what Gavin (pictured) said last night and it’s true that since upgrading my dose of “Oxycodone” to 10mg night and morning I don’t cough very much if at all – well I do if I think about it but otherwise......... A triumph for Dr. “K”. I didn’t realise how bad the coughing was till I was talking to my cousin Tim and his wife Barbara about the it. She remembered me talking on the phone to Tim and she could hear non-stop coughing in the Kitchen from the phone in the Living Room. Thank Goodness that just doesn’t happen now. In fact the non-coughing is so good and as if it never was that I start to think I can stop the “Oxycodone” to see what happens! Probably a bad idea.

Speaking of “Oxycondone” I was reading an article about Heath Ledger at the weekend – “Oxycondone” was one of the prescription drugs that killed him – makes you think! I wonder if I’ll get a posthumous Oscar?

Meanwhile the Fish Shakes are doing what they are supposed to do! I am not sleeping through the day – I don’t feel as tired - and I have stopped losing weight – HURRAH. But my sleeping at night is becoming very erratic, last night I slept like a top – all through the night – but the night before was terrible, awake from 01:00 and finally getting up at 04:00 as I was just lying there.

So – seeing Dr. “RB” very shortly and the bread maker is making dough for fresh rolls for lunch. But after seeing Dr. “RB” and before lunch a trip to Catton Park if the sun stays out. I won’t be walking far – the morning walk up the hill in Sewell Park seems longer and further every day, but Daisy and I will sit in the sun and one of us will have a sniff about whilst Gavin and Jack go for a walk through the spring! A couple of months ago I thought that I was sinking but - thanks to Gavin's support, the support of other friends and family, Medical Treatment and Dr. "K", Dr. "RB" and nurse "LH" that seems to have plateaued. I sometimes feel very, very fortunate.


Chairman Bill said...

What can one say, other than; "Hurrah!"

The Irascible Fairy said...

Thanks CB - I owe it all to chemicals and science!

Lovely's Blot said...

Good to see that you are feeling positive. Spring is in the air and everything is brightening up! I think chemicals are great! Before I was ill I used to not drink coffee, tea, etc and then once I was started on my concoction of pills I decided that tea and coffee were the least of my worries!

She Writes said...

"have terminal cancer and I want someone to notice me!"

I do. I will be back to read and follow your your journey. The title to your blog is beautiful, though what I read here, will surely bring me to tears.

Relief from the cough, ah, that is good! Oxycondone has its positives. I'm allergic. Glad you are not!

Carrie said...

Hi Captain C,
Your a strong and positive(also a softie - but Sshh !)person, who has had and always will have repect from your crew and shore staff. You are fighter and you have proved that over the years. The support you have from Gavin and Julia is outstanding. You are an inpiration to anyone with the big 'C'.
All my love Carrie xx

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