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Friday, 26 March 2010

Hospitals, Hotels, Chaves, Lifts and Gay Pride

Yesterday Macmillan Nurse “LH” came to call, both to get a chance of seeing us in our own world and to find out how I was getting on. A most successful visit I think, we both like her and she talks a lot of good sense. She suggested that we should plan some short breaks and to me this sounds a really good idea – just not in the next few weeks – wait until after the school Easter Holidays and then look for a midweek break in Norfolk or Suffolk at a nice country hotel that is also dog friendly. And then there is also London Pride on July 3rd – anyone know of a central London Hotel that’s cheap and has a lift – later in the blog as to why I might need a lift.

And so – we are looking for a dog friendly hotel in Norfolk or Suffolk that does midweek breaks – anyone know of one and a cheap central London Hotel with a lift – again can anyone help?

Anyway and so on........ last night I was just going to bed – and I found the stairs a tad difficult and was puffing as I got undressed, when my heart started to behave very strangely and erratically – this got worse and we called NHS direct who – after a list of symptoms – erratic heart, (and fast) pain in chest - sent for an ambulance.

The medics took an ECG and that showed that my heart was indeed behaving badly and I was loaded up and taken to hospital – by this time though I was feeling much better. Arriving at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital the pain in my chest had gone and my heart – by the hospital’s ECG - was behaving normally. By the time that Gavin and Julia had arrived they had followed the ambulance, they said that I was looking better than I had for a couple of days or so – must be all the attention! Anyway after a few hours the decision was reached to send me home – the Doctor checked my “meds” and made us all – Gavin, Julia and I - promise that any re-occurrence and 999 would be dialled!

And so – after a good night’s sleep in our own bed I feel fine! But I am amazed at the behaviour of 20% of the “Great British Public” in Accident and Emergency at the Hospital – these people should be thanking god for the care that the NHS gives them – not being drunken Chaves who my best friend Julia wanted to hit with a shovel – should one have been handy..

I went upstairs just now to speak to Gavin in his den and was surprised how I was panting and puffing when I got to the top and that’s just one floor – that’s why when we do London Pride I am going to need a hotel with a lift – we once stayed on the 7th floor of a hotel in Victoria with no lift – it certainly made you plan when you were going up to your room or down to get something from the shop.


She Writes said...

The breaks sound like a marvelous idea! I wish I could recommend somewhere in London, but I am in the The States. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Kerrie said...

I do hope you are feeling a little better. A mini break is never a bad thing. I can't say I am surprised by your findings in A&E, I have been there and it mostly looks like a bomb went off in Vicky Pollards block of flats.

Poppy said...

Hello - have sent you the hotel link - let me know what you think


The Spiv said...

Sorry to hear about your visit amongst the "great unwashed" that infect our hospital waiting rooms, but really pleased that you were able to come home almost immediately. I hope it's nothing too serious - you have enough to put up with without a dicky ticker!

Good luck with the short breaks - they can often be a better tonic than anything.

Carolina said...

Hi there! I haven't been around lately (I've been using my shovel for the purpose it's made for) and I'm really glad to read that you are doing reasonably well. Apart from the scary heartmisbehaviour that is.
Good to read that you have a fresh and friendly MacMillan nurse who has some great ideas.


suze said...

Thanks for coming to see my blog ... I too am glad you have got a better Mac-nurse.

All the best to you and yours ..


Chairman Bill said...

I note you're getting somewhat lax in your reportage.

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