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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fish Shakes and Bananas

I had my very, very first ProSure Fishy Milkshake for breakfast today, a banana flavoured one – disappointingly it didn’t taste of Kipper or Mackerel, which “LH” had suggested it might. It didn’t taste much of banana either – just sort of thick yellow flavour – which makes it sound worse than it is and to be honest it’s not bad.

There is a website and that will tell you all about it – including the recipe page although disappointingly there is no mention of Gin there. There also seem to be several flavours mentioned there that I have not heard of – or that seem to be available on prescription “Cafe au Lait” and “Chocolate Fudge” – I have Vanilla and Banana.

Think of me when you are tucking into your Full English tomorrow morning!


Chairman Bill said...

If that image was your breakfast, then a heart attack will carry you off quicker than the cancer.

The Irascible Fairy said...

My breakfast was two cartons of Banana Fish Shake


Anonymous said...

Linda from Lincoln

I believe the fish food is helping - how else can you explain the vigor applied to your fabulous buns?

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