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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Results and Movements

Dr “K” rang me on Tuesday with my results from the bloods taken on the previous Friday – nothing out of the ordinary although Calcium levels were at the high end of normal, but as they are in the normal range no treatment as yet. I also told Dr “K” that we would like to change our Macmillan nurse. And that will be discussed when Gavin and I see her next Tuesday!

Today I saw my GP Dr. “RB” and had a long chat with him about this and that – although he had received a letter from Dr “K” I was able to fill him in with details of our “chat”. We discussed how well the new treatment for the cough was working - that’s “Oxynorm” or as it’s also known - Hill Billy Heroin – if you don’t believe me have a quick Google! The only problem is that it constipates me and thus a lack of movements! So I have all sorts of “shifters” prescribed as well.

Dr. “RB” also noticed that I was losing weight – it’s difficult to know what to do about this – I really don’t have very much interest in food at the moment but I have promised both Gavin and Dr “RB” that I will force myself to eat – that will be difficult – particularly when constipated but I have to try.

Something that also came up in my conversation with Dr. “RB” - we were talking about the Palliative care system and he said that he thought that I should have been accessed by a Palliative Care Doctor when I was first returned to my GP - this would be my previous GP who has now retired - from the Oncology department at the hospital – I agreed and said that I knew now that this should have happened – unfortunately Macmillan Nurse “G” threw some sort of “Hissy Fit” and I never got that assessment.

Now that I have Dr. "K" and my GP Dr. "RB" I feel so much happier. Now all we have to do is sort our a good Macmillan nurse.


Poppy said...

Glad things seeming more positive, and if you need recipe suggestions marmalade sandwiches fried in butter always work for me!

I hadnt realised it was so complicated to access the care you need, this has been a real eye opener - though obviously not great for you!

Lovely's Blot said...

Do you have a favourite alcoholic drink..assuming that you are able to enjoy a small amount. In the past when people had lost interest in food we used to be able to give a pint of stout in the evening. Not only is it quite high in calories but alcohol stimulates the appetite. A nurse friend of mine told me that when patients didn't eat she used to ask the doctors to prescribe 5mg of steroids and a glass of brandy before dinner. She said it worked every time!

The Irascible Fairy said...

It's a lovely idea Lovely - but I have been warned very strongly off alcohol whilst I'm on Hill-Billy Heroin!

Thank you for thinking of me though

Richard x x

Lovely's Blot said...

That's a shame! When I was ill a few years ago I was warned off alcohol by a couple of doctors but I kept asking and eventually found one who said that I could as long as the wine didn't cost less than £10 a bottle! Keep asking and you never know, they may eventually allow you a tiny bit!

Carolina said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get a friendly nurse with a sense of humour.

Okay, so, I have no bright ideas about relieving your constipation, although the alcohol suggestion sounds nice (what would the effect be if you take the Hill-Billy Heroin together with a pint?).

However, do you like Billy Connolly?
I'm asking because I've just watched a great YouTube thingy of an old Billy performance. Hilarious (I thought) and about really good laxatives. Maybe it works inspiring ;-)

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