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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Normal Day – HURRAH!

At last – and the first since Thursday – A Normal Day! - Up while the sky is dark and empty the dishwasher, read emails and take my “morning meds” . Then out with Jack for a walk – poor Daisy has to stay at home as her hips are gone and although she can make it round the garden she can’t really go much further. She seems happy enough and rules Jack with a paw of steel though. Anyway, Jack and I only have a short walk as it’s snowing and I don’t enjoy it very much. Then home for breakfast – muesli, tomato juice and a nice pot of tea.

By this time emails are pouring in – these are from people who were at my old School, as was Clive Woodward who – on Desert Island Discs - referred to the school as a nasty cruel place. Well I’m with Clive Woodward – I think that the school was a nasty cruel place and with very poor educational standards too. The only good thing I can find to say of it was that it was in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and I expect that there are not many people who got that name into a blog today. Anyway lots of emails from people on both sides of the divide. I really find it quite surprising how many see the school as “Mother” to whom they owe everything.

Dr."K" rang - just to see how I was and to find out how I was getting on with the pill version of "Oxynorm" - I tell her OK but that Gavin thinks that I am coughing more now. Anyway we have agree that I will have bloods and a chest X-Ray before I see her on March 8th.

Then Tesco delivers - the usual bizarre substitutions which I reject. Gavin is giving Jack his lunchtime walk and it's still snowing but not settling.

Moving on to lunch – half a ripe avocado pear squashed onto two rounds of hot buttered toast with the other half of the avocado pear blended with a pint of milk and magic “Splenda” not sugar. (I am a diabetic after all.) After lunch I would normally go to bed but decided not to and spent the afternoon writing bad tempered emails about School!

In the evening I watch the news on television and have my tea – I leave some – just too much I’m afraid but nice – a “Quorn” pepper steak with new potatoes and green beans followed by stewed apple and cream.

And so to bed and a good night’s sleep at 19:00.

A normal day, and it might sound dull but it was wonderful and the more so as it was shared with Gavin and the dogs. There is no better sort of day. - HURRAH – may there be many more.


Peter said...

and how WAS swimming across the Menai Straights?

The Irascible Fairy said...

A pleasant enough short swim! Although I seem to remember that we used to do it in April when the water would have been quite cold!

Chairman Bill said...

Summer was worse - the jelly fish!

The Spiv said...

Congratulations on reaching “normality” - It’s not something that I encounter often in my daily life, and I often wonder if it exists at all! Long may you and Gavin enjoy what life decides to throw your way.

In amongst our last Tesco delivery was a substitution that I can only assume was done by a student working part-time that has no idea of food, beyond pot noodles. I had ordered a pack of fresh flat-leaved parsley, to go with the salmon that I was preparing. When I ordered it, it was in stock, but I am working along the lines that finding it was beyond the capabilities of the picker. In it’s place, we received ……. a tin of tomatoes with basil. What worries me more, is the possibility that he/she that picked it could, God forbid, be responsible for looking after me when I return to the infantile/senile dribbling stage in the future.

Anonymous said...

Linda from Linncs - Thrilled to read about your NORMAL day. But where's the low down on your fabby lofty buns?

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