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Friday, 12 February 2010

The Man Whose Dog Jack Bit

I met my GP’s Surgery Manager in the Pharmacists yesterday – he’s the owner of the only dog – when a puppy – that Jack – our West Highland White terrier has ever bitten. That was a long time ago but very embarrassing! Anyway I felt it was about time to come clean about this blog to him and the Doctors in the surgery – in particular my Doctor – Dr. “RB” and so I emailed him the address of the web page.

Although I knew “GM” the Practice Manager, to be a good man I was pleased, relieved and surprised when he emailed me back to say that he thought that the blog was “very fairly and evenly put” – However he did note that there was no mention of himself in it – so “GM” here you are and thank you.

I have now been on the pill version of “Oxynorm” for a couple of days and I’m not certain if I like it as well. It works in the manner expected – I’m not coughing – but I think that I am coughing more than I was when I was on the liquid version. Also at about the 10 hour mark – I take the pills every 12 hours - the effects of the pill seem to run out of steam. I felt much more in control with the liquid and taking it every four hours which I could extend if I wanted to 5 or 6 hours.

Am I getting more bad tempered? Is this a side effect? To me it seems that I am but I hope not. Perhaps I’m just being irascible.


Poppy said...

MORE Bad tempered? Pooor Mr Gavin x

Alan Burnett said...

Getting more bad tempered is a side effect not of the pills you are taking but of reading too many of Chairman Bill's Blog posts.

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